Thursday, July 11, 2013

Overshadowed Skies

My husband has been experiencing more pain.  At first, we thought maybe it was a result of him doing more -- stretching those areas that were affected by the surgery; but the pains have increased and - at times - intensified.

We made the call to his doctor to discuss the situation.  After meeting with the nurse practitioner, it was decided that he needed a new scan to see if there was anything they could identify as causing the pain.

We received the phone call yesterday.  They aren't sure about the source of the pain, but there was some growth of the cancer that was noted.  The oncologist still thinks surgery is the best path.  Her next recommendation is chemo.  She wants to hear from us soon with a decision.  Not what we would have liked to hear.

We aren't sure what the next step should be.  We are praying for wisdom.

The light that was on our path has faded.  Our steps feel less certain right now.  I am certain, though, that God is still in control and that He still has a plan.  His plan hasn't changed, and He wasn't surprised by these results.  We will wait for Him to reveal more of His plan and follow as He shows us the next step to take.


  1. Praying each and every day for you and your precious family! Praying that God will give you peace and wisdom as each situation arises. As you said, none of this has taken God by surprise, and I know He is working it all out for His honor and glory. He has a plan. Sure do wish we knew the end from the beginning, but then we wouldn't be as inclined to trust Him. At least I know I wouldn't be. So we trust, and pray that every day we grow to be more and more like Him. Much love, and many prayers!!